If you are an animal lover you, or you reside with any individual who is, you likely know what’s likely to occur when you see a stray cat or doggy on the facet of the highway.

Any time my fianceé will come across a stray cat or doggy, I can rather substantially assurance that we’re receiving a new pet. I would say it’s a trouble, but it typically does not take me very long to tumble in like with them myself.

So when I saw this video, all I could believe was “Thank God this wasn’t me.”

A video posted to Fb by Robert Brantley shows him creating a swift end to rescue a kitten that was in the middle of the highway.

According to Brantley, he was on his way to the taking pictures vary when he passed a baby kitten on the facet of the street. Figuring out that it wouldn’t make it by the night time if he still left it, and due to the fact his wife had been seeking a new kitten in any case, he stopped to rescue the minimal fella.

But he may well have gotten a little extra than he bargained for…

As Brantley picked up the kitten, he quickly understood that this one particular was not by itself: A complete mess of kittens start off pouring out of the woods on the facet of the highway like the cutest stampede you’ve at any time found.

Severely, they just continue to keep coming…

Effectively don’t forget what I stated about what comes about when an animal lover sees a stray animal? Or in this scenario, 13 stray animals?

Brantley managed to wrangle them all into his motor vehicle, which at this stage was loaded down with rifles, ammo, and 13 little one kittens. But in accordance to his write-up, it was not an easy undertaking:

“I could not keep up with them as I would toss a person in and 2 would leap out. So I experienced to shut the door with the window down and funnel em in. That would have been excellent footage essentially.”

I can only visualize what a sight that was.

Folks check with me what all I consider to a match. I typically have rifle, ammo, backup rifle and ammo, 3 baggage, 2 bipods, tripod, spotter/binos, 2 kestrels, 13 kittens, 2 facts cards, Tac desk, 4 mags, toolkit, and chrono. 😂 Them: Did you say 13 kittens?Me: 😑 I have been obtaining tons of messages and responses about receiving the kittens residence. I was loaded down from a assortment trip when I was ambushed. So in this article is the video clip of them all in. I want I would have been in my truck but I was caught in the fuel saver. This design didn’t arrive with the kitten box both. I could not maintain up with them as I would toss a single in and 2 would leap out. So I experienced to close the door with the window down and funnel em in. That would have been good footage in fact. As before long as I obtained household got them out! Thank you to all these featuring to support. Doing the job on finding them all a good household! The children are loving on them in the meantime and we’re fattening them up! #catambush #catattack #catsofinstagram #cats #waytoomany

Posted by Robert Brantley on Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Effectively Brantley took all 13 of the toddlers home, the place he’s operating to get them all to great for good households. But in the meantime, he’s established them up with food, water, and a comfy position to slumber.

And in the meantime, it confident appears to be like they are enjoying their new everyday living, discovering their new digs and acquiring some much-required diet, though also riding all over in a wagon with Brantley’s youngsters.

Kittens and Kids! I’d say they are doing alright!

Posted by Robert Brantley on Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Appears like these kittens knew what they ended up undertaking when they adopted Brantley and his family.

Louisiana Bobcat Tends to make Significant Leap

I’m sure all the other animal enthusiasts out there can relate…

Oh and a single a lot more factor: To the scumbag who abandoned those people inadequate babies on the aspect of the street, I hope…well I will not say what I hope. But fuck you.

Holy moly…

Now granted I’m not common with the World File very long soar for a bobcat, but this has to be quite shut.

Filmed in Pecan Island, Louisiana, even these crab fishermen had been blown about by this show of athleticism:

“We have been just out fishing for blue crab in Pecan Island, LA and this substantial bobcat came out throughout the weir.

I grabbed my cellular phone imagining he was about to get wet, but he surprised us all.”

According to Countrywide Geographic, a bobcat can jump about 10 toes and just from the eye exam, that gap appears greater than 10 toes.

This fella cleared it with ease…


Two Bobcats Square Off In Texas Family’s Lawn

Texas is a unique place.

Aside from the remarkable nation music, you by no means know what you could see… maybe it is a jacked kangaroo, or truckers battling, or an evicted dude obsessed with Bud Light-weight, OR in this case, a pair of bobcats going at it tricky in a family’s front yard.

The human being filming claimed that the bobcats squaring off in the community “were going for walks down the road from home to home to marking their territory,” beating the piss out of each other together the way.

Blink, and you may possibly pass up it.

These Texas cats are not messing close to.


Bobcat Will make Sneak Assault On Golf Course Ducks

Bobcats are really remarkable animals.

It is amazing to look at them hunt, and see firsthand, how promptly they can adapt to the surroundings when they obtain prey to go just after. Employing the land to their benefit, they sneak up and attack in a flash.

It is fairly amazing to witness, and surely not some thing that absolutely everyone gets to see.

Specifically, on the gold course…

TMZ suggests the movie took put in Arizona and golfers playing a round found the bobcat in the sand trap. They quickly realized what the cat was up to, applying the sharp hills as a vantage point. A flock of ducks were having absent, plainly unaware of what was coming.

A golfer in the video clip commented.

“Look at this… they do not even know he’s there.”

The bobcat creeps all-around the sand seeking for the best spot to assault from.

In a break up 2nd, the cat tops the hill and someway finds a new gear as it leaps and gets its claws into one of the ducks.

The golfers then make their way towards the Bobcat as it will come clearer into look at, finishing off its eliminate and then takes off with its supper to go.

A single of the golfers has an all-time quotation when chatting to an animal. In the words of Stephen A. Smith…

“You a baaad guy, that is a poor man”

He is correct though, you can not assist but agree as the bobcat runs out of perspective. That is in truth a terrible, negative man.

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